David Hunt & Julie Hunt: Where Are Roger Hunt Children Now? Age Net Worth

Roger Hunt’s children are David Hunt & Julie Hunt. Where are they now? Tune in to find out.

David Hunt & Julie Hunt are celebrity children. They are Roger Hunt’s children.

Talking about Roger Hunt, he was a professional footballer. He played football for the Liverpool Football club for 11 years. In fact, he was Liverpool’s record goalscorer with 286 before being surpassed by Ian Rush. Despite this, with 244 goals, he is still recognized as Liverpool’s record league goal scorer.

Hunt won two league titles and an FA Cup under Bill Shankly. Likewise, he also scored the first goal ever seen on the BBC’s Match of the Day in August 1964.  Fans refer to him as Sir Roger. With his gameplay and talents, Roger won the hearts of millions of people and is recognized as one of the greatest footballers.

The news about his demise has shocked fans all over the world. All of his family, friends, and fans are mourning his death.

Let us learn more about Roger and his children, David and Julie, from this article.

Learn about David Hunt & Julie Hunt: Roger Hunt Children

David Hunt and Julie Hunt were born to parents Roger Hunt and Patricia O’Brien.

On the other hand, Roger and Patricia got married in 1959. They got divorced after two decades of marriage.

Discover David Hunt And Julie Hunt Age

David Hunt’s age is 61 years old. He was born in the year 1960. Unfortunately, exact details regarding his birth are yet to surface on the internet.

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Likewise, Julie Hunt’s age is 56 years old. Her birth took place in 1965. Just like David’s birth details, information about her birth is also a secret.

David and Julie Hunt have an age difference of 5 years. Moreover, Julie was born after 5 years of David’s birth.

On the contrary, Fans all across the world are mourning Roger’s Hunt death. He passed away at the age of 83.

David Hunt And Julie Hunt Partner

Moving on to Roger Hunt’s partner, he was previously married to Patricia O’Brien. Likewise, their children are David Hunt and Julie Hunt.

After his divorce from Patricia in 1981, he later got married to Rowan Green. Rowan and Roger lived together near Warrington.

David Hunt And Julie Hunt Net Worth

David Hunt and Julie Hunt’s father, Roger Hunt, had a Net Worth of $28 million. His primary source of income was through his profession as a footballer.

Where are David Hunt And Julie Hunt now?

David Hunt and Julie Hunt’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Since they live a low-key life, not much can be said about them.

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