Bread’s The Chosen One Lyrics

I was your first and you were my last And we are the journey’s end I was the blues and you were my sunshine friend

Now I’m your lover, you are my cover Keeping the loneliness from me You are my chosen one… arise and be the one The chosen one

You are the sea and I am the sailor Riding the perfect wave I could’ve drowned but you came around and save me She won’t play your game

Now I’m your hopes and you are my dreamer Helping me see beyond tomorrow You are the chosen one… you’ll always be the one The chosen one

Out of the darkness, out of the shadow Oh wherever you go, I’ll follow along Wherever you lead me, wherever you need me I’ll bring you my message, I’ll bring you my song

You are the chosen one… arise and be the one The chosen one

Darlin’ I choose you, I’ll never use you I couldn’t abuse you with all that you’ve done You are my sunshine, you are my lifeline Forever my sweet wine, forever the one

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