Bongo Antelope in Kenya

Bongo Antelope in Kenya Description

The large, striped bongo antelope is rarely seen. About your only chance of sighting one is in Aberdare National Park. They live close to water in dense forest, only leaving the forest cover to graze at night in open clearings. The bongo stands around 120 cm high at the shoulder and measures around 250 cm from head to tail. Mature males are a beautiful dark mahogany-brown colour, while the females are a much lighter reddish-brown. Both sexes have distinctive vertical white stripes on the body, never less than nine, never more than 14. Horns are sported by both males and females, and these are slightly spiralling (lyre shaped) with yellow tips, with those on the male being slightly shorter and sturdier than on the female. The bongo grazes mainly on leaves and will often stand on its hind legs to increase its reach, If also digs for roots with its horns. Bongo are usually found in small family herds although bulls often lead a solitary existence, meeting up with other animals only to mate.

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