Bertie Highmore – Age, Net Worth and Best Movies

Mostly mistaken for his brother’s twin, Bertie Highmore is the younger brother of the multiple award-winning English actor, Freddie Highmore. Coming from a family that has established themselves in the entertainment industry, Bertie has had a brief stint in acting which he dropped in order to pursue a career in the business field. Unlike his elder brother who has been spreading his magic through television screens all over the globe with his exceptional acting talent, Bertie Highmore has made few appearances in movies, having his movie debut in Women Talking Dirty where he starred alongside his brother.

While Bertie took a long break from acting, his older brother, Freddie has established himself as a big name in the industry, having attained a remarkable landmark at his young age. As a result of his brother’s fame, Bertie Highmore has been on the spotlight as the younger brother of a movie star although he is also recognized as an actor despite his short spell in the movie industry. Learn more about Bertie Highmore’s early life and career below.

Bertie Highmore’s Age and Biography

The child star who is from a celebrated show business family arrived into the world on the 8th of February 1995 as Albert Samuel Highmore in London, England. His parents, Edward Highmore and Sue Latimer are well-known personalities in the show business world. His father is a notable actor who was active in the movie industry for close to two decades before he retired from acting in 2002. On the other hand, his mother is an agent that manages great talents like Imelda Stauton and Daniel Radcliffe. His older brother, Freddie Highmore who is three years older than him was born in February 1992.

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From Bertie Highmore’s social media profile, it is observed that he completed his basic education from Highgate School and later furthered his studies at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree.

Regarding his career, Bertie dabbled in acting when he was in his childhood and later proceeded to pursue a career in the business field where he has rendered voluntary works at 180 Degrees as a consultant. Later on, he began working as a junior analyst intern at Purple Seven before carrying out a spring internship program at Morgan Stanley.

Before graduating from The London School of Economics and Political Science, Bertie Highmore was employed by Goldman Sachs as an intern and campus ambassador from April 2015 to September 2016. While at Goldman Sachs, he was promoted to securities analyst before his graduation in 2017.

Bertie kicked off his professional career at Susquehanna International Group where he worked as a quantitative trader for a period of one year. Bertie Highmore is serving as an investment analyst at Blenheim Chalclot where he started working since March 2018.

Although Bertie Highmore has not attained much fame and fortune like his elder brother, he has achieved a somewhat successful career in the business field.

His Movies And TV Shows

Bertie Highmore made his movie debut at the age of four by starring alongside his brother in the movie, Women Talking Dirty released in 1999. Since then, many people have assumed that the child star has been active in the film industry, unknown to them that it has been Freddie Highmore who has been making headlines over the years as he has gone ahead to establish himself in the industry after his movie debut.

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Freddie came to be known following his sensational performance in The Spiderwick Chronicles which earned him two consecutive Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. He has also been featured in other movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, August Rush, Two Brothers and Finding Neverland for which he claimed multiple awards and nominations.

In addition, Freddie Highmore has also featured along with his father, Edward Highmore in Hallmark Entertainment’s television film, Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story. Even though Bertie makes a living outside the entertainment industry, he might someday decide to continue with his family legacy in show business just like his elder brother.

Net Worth

Bertie Highmore has been maintaining a low profile for the past years and there is no available information with regards to his net worth. On the other hand, his brother has accumulated a financial value that is pegged at $4 million.

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