Assault: Was Richard Suarez Wife Morgan Suarez Involved In The Mandeville LA Abuse? Find Out

Morgan Suarez is a social media influencer and a mother of three adorable children. 

Recently, there has been a second-degree battery charge in Mandeville. People have been looking for a suspect named Richard Suarez after the assault. 

Moreover, the video of him assaulting an older man has been viral all over the internet. People have started to share the viral video and started dropping their opinions for the assault.

With Richard Suarez getting arrested, some people on the web have started to doubt if he has any relation with the social media influencer Morgan. 

Nevertheless, let’s find out more about Morgan and whether she had any bonding with the suspect. 

Who Is Morgan Suarez? 

Morgan is a digital creator and a social media influencer. She currently resides in Southern California and has a digital shop to which her link is in her Insta bio. 

As an influencer, she is available on Instagram with the username @morganfaithsuarez. Still and all, her account is yet to get verified. 

With 32.3k followers, Morgan has more than three thousand posts on her Insta account. She is currently raising her beautiful daughters and sharing her journey of motherhood with her followers. 

Together with being a digital creator, she is also a fashionista, as her fan followers have always loved her style and fashion sense. 

Morgan Suarez: Is She Richard Suarez Wife? 

Richard Suarez is a wanted man for the battery charge and a second-degree assault. With his video being viral over social media, people have been confused if Morgan is related to him or if she is his wife.

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Nevertheless, the doubt of people seems to be not true. The influencer, Morgan, has been married to her husband, Jesse Suarez. 

Unlike Morgan, Jesse has kept his Instagram account private, but he has more than 1k followers on his account. The couple has been married for more than seven years and shares three beautiful daughters. 

It seems like people have been confused about the influencer as her last name ends with Suarez. Regardless, she has not commented on the matter yet. 

Is Morgan Suarez Linked To Mandeville LA Man Wanted For Arrest Case?

Morgan doesn’t look like she is related to the case, nor has she done anything. With the viral video on the web, people might have doubted her as the wife of Richard Suarez, the wanted man, but it seems unlikely. 

In the video, Richard argued with an older man, and somehow they end up behind a van. It was then when there was a punchy sound with the fall of an older man. 

As per the witness, Richard punched the man, and he fled away from the scene. The victim got taken to the hospital for further treatment. 

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