April’s Someone To Hold Lyrics

A lonely night I’m thinking of you So glad to know the things that you told me Falling in love, is the best thing to do I need you so, I want you to hold me Can’t you see when the lights are low All I want, all I need Is a touch of your gentle heart When your close to me

Chorus: Someone to hold in the middle of the night Someone to hold, feels so right, in the middle of the night Someone to hold, someone just like you

Look at me now I’m lost in a dream And I believe I’ll always remember The way you smiled and whisper to me You got the need to hold me forever Sometimes when I look in your eyes All i say, all I do Is to think of that special day When I’ll be with you


You are the one that I’m dreaming of If the timing is right, take me tonight away

Just take me away

Chorus (4x)

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