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André Previn Biography

André Previn born as André George Previn was a German-American pianist, conductor, and composer. Starting by arranging and composing Hollywood film scores for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, he was involved in the music for over 50 films over his entire career.

He won four Academy Awards for his film work and ten Grammy Awards for his recordings (and one more for his Lifetime Achievement). He had been the music director of Houston Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and Los Angeles Philharmonic, as well as the principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra.

André Previn Age

He died on April 6, 1929, Berlin, Germany. He is 89 years old as of 2018.

André Previn Wife | André Previn Anne Sophie Mutter

During the life of Previn, he was married five times. He was married first to jazz singer Betty Bennett in 1952. The couple was blessed with two daughters, Claudia Previn Stasny and Alicia Previn (a violinist for the Irish band in Tua Nua and a founding member of the Young Dubliners). They later got divorced in 1957, a few months before she gave birth to Alicia.

He later got married to Dory Langan in 1959. Dory is a singer and songwriter and was later widely known as a lyricist with whom Pervin collaborated on several Academy Award-nominated film scores during their marriage. The duo was divorced in 1969 after Dory was hospitalized for a mental breakdown, Previn was also caught cheating and having an affair with 23-year-old Mia Farrow.

Dory later resumed her career as a singer and released On My Way To Where in 1970 which was a critically acclaimed album whose confessional lyrics were described as “searingly honest”, and chronicled both her mental health struggles and the infidelity that she alleged had at once precipitated the end of her marriage to Previn and exacerbated her intermittent mental illness.

Previn’s third marriage, in 1970, was to Mia Farrow. Before their divorce in 1979, Previn and Farrow had three biological children together—twins Matthew and Sascha, born in 1970, and Fletcher, born in 1974. They then adopted Vietnamese infants Lark Song and Summer “Daisy” Song (born October 6, 1974), followed by Soon-Yi Previn, a Korean child whose age a physician’s bone scan placed between six and eight years old and whose unknown birth date her adoptive parents estimated as October 8, 1970.

Lark died on Christmas Day 2008. In the aftermath of the scandal involving Soon-Yi and Mia Farrow’s partner Woody Allen, Previn said of Soon-Yi, “She does not exist.” Previn’s most durable marriage was his fourth. In January 1982 he married Heather Sneddon. With Heather, he had two children, Li-An Mary, adopted 1982, and Lukas Alexander, born 1983.

Previn wrote a brief memoir of his early years in Hollywood, No Minor Chords, which was published in 1991, edited by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and dedicated to Heather. This marriage ended in divorce after 17 years.

His fifth marriage, in 2002, was to the German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, for whom in the previous year he had composed his Violin Concerto. They announced their divorce in August 2006 but continued to work together in concerts afterward.

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André Previn Compositions

His compositions include:

A Streetcar Named Desire(Theme from) Valley of the DollsBrief EncounterYou’re Gonna Hear from MeLike YoungFaraway Part Of TownVocaliseSong From Two For The Seesaw (Second Chance)I Like MyselfDouble ConcertoLook AgainThe Gospel of No Name CityThanks a Lot but No ThanksThe First Thing You KnowSecond ChanceSonata for violin & piano “Vineyard”: III. Fast and Brilliant – Waltz Tempo – Slowly – Tempo ad lib – quasicadenza (Slowly, gradually faster) – Tempo primo2 Little Serenades: No. 2. NaavaRedTango Song and Dance: I. Tango. PassionatelyHoney and Rue: VI. Take My Mother HomeHoney and Rue: IV. Do You Know Him?Sök och finnA Million Miles Away Behind the DoorThat’s How It Went, All RightTango Song and Dance: II. Song. SimplyHoney and Rue: V. I Am Not Seaworthy2 Little Serenades: No. 1. NoahThings Are Looking DownWhy Are We Afraid?Sonata for violin & piano “Vineyard”: II. Slowly – Fast, shadowy – Tempo INight Blooming Jazz ManSally Chisum remembers Billy the KidCocoHoney and Rue: III. The Town Is LitMore in Love With YouGold FeverBest ThingsReflections for cello, horn and orchestraHoney and Rue: I. First I’ll Try LoveTango Song and Dance: III. Dance. Jazz FeelingFashion ShowHoney and Rue: II. Whose House Is This?Sonata for violin & piano “Vineyard”: I. Flowing and CalmRiver ShallowI Love This Land

André Previn Scene Clara And The Nutcracker

André Previn Cause of Death

The cause of death is yet to be revealed. This information  will soon be updated

André Previn House | Photo

André Previn Theme From Valley Of The Dolls

André Previn Net Worth

His net is still under review

Andre Previn Morecambe And Wise

Andre Previn Soon Yi

Soon-Yi Previn is the adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow and musician André Previn and the wife of filmmaker Woody Allen. Previn is notable for her relationship with Allen, who was Mia Farrow’s romantic partner before becoming involved with Previn. Previn’s relationship with Allen became national news in 1992.

Andre Previn Jazz

Andre Previn Youtube

Andre Previn My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady, recorded by “Shelly Manne & His Friends” and released in 1956 by Contemporary Records, is the first album ever made consisting entirely of jazz versions of tunes from a single Broadway musical. It was an instant hit and became one of the best-selling jazz albums of its day.

Andre Previn West Side Story

West Side Story is a jazz album by pianist André Previn and his trio. Previn, along with drummer Shelly Manne and bassist Red Mitchell, chose eight compositions from the original score of the Leonard Bernstein musical West Side Story and re-arranged them in a jazz style without vocals.

Artists: Cal Tjader, André Previn and His PalsRelease date: 1 January 1961Genre: Jazz

Andre Previn Obituary

For his obituary, visit

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Andre Previn News

André Previn infamous Morecambe and Wise comedy sketch

The conductor and composer André Previn has died at his home in New York aged 89.

In his long career, Previn won Oscars for the Best Original Music Score for My Fair Lady and Irma La Douce.

He won Best Original Musical for Porgy and Bess and Gigi and chalked up thirteen other Oscar nominations, a lifetime Grammy and an honorary Knighthood.

In 1971, Previn was invited to perform in a sketch which involved an orchestra: the serious-minded maestro playing straight man to Eric and Ern

André Previn infamous Morecambe and Wise comedy sketch

The conductor and composer André Previn has died at his home in New York aged 89.

In his long career, Previn won Oscars for the Best Original Music Score for My Fair Lady and Irma La Douce.

He won Best Original Musical for Porgy and Bess and Gigi and chalked up thirteen other Oscar nominations, a lifetime Grammy and an honorary Knighthood.

In 1971, Previn was invited to perform in a sketch which involved an orchestra: the serious-minded maestro playing straight man to Eric and Ern.

Anne-Sophie Mutter Pays Tribute to Previn at Carnegie Hall

Ghosts were always going to be part of the star violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter’s recital at Carnegie Hall this week. The advertised program featured Mozart, as well as the spirit of that composer as it flickers through later French music. And the concert was also to include Sebastian Currier’s new “Ghost Trio,” which riffs on themes of influence and musical forebears.

But when Ms. Mutter and her longtime chamber music partner, the pianist Lambert Orkis, took to the stage at Carnegie Hall on Tuesday, the specter most strongly felt was that of André Previn, the conductor, composer and musical polymath. Ms. Mutter and Mr. Previn were once married and remained close friends and artistic collaborators until his death on Feb. 28.

And so, at the end of an evening of brilliant and often uncannily delicate music-making, Ms. Mutter played two Previn works as encores. She dedicated them to him — “wherever he is now,” she said with a spiraling gesture taking in the air around and above her. Ms. Mutter has built her career on a rich, glossy tone and glamorous stage presence. She is one of the few violinists who can pull off solo recitals in Carnegie’s big hall. On this occasion, she used her magnetism to draw listeners into a world of sounds that included pallid, watery tones a mere whisper away from silence.


John Georgiadis, former leader (concertmaster) of the London Symphony Orchestra, has just brought out a book on the great and not-so-good conductors with whom he worked. John was not a fan of Andrew Preview.

Here’s an extract, exclusive to Slipped Disc:

“What?” This word echoed around the room in utter disbelief, emanating from 80 or 90 incredulous LSO musicians who had just heard from their Chairman, Principal Bass player Stuart Knussen, who would be the new Principal Conductor. Knussen had just delivered a lengthy monologue explaining to us all why a dozen or more other conductors could not, for one reason or another, accept the post. One by one the names had been read out, something along the lines of: Bernstein, Solti, Giulini, Haitink, Davis, etc., etc., with us all either breathing sighs of relief or groans of disappointment, depending on who you personally favoured. But then Knussen said, “However, it is with great pleasure that I can tell you that André Previn has accepted the position”.

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After the initial utterances of disbelief followed by a stunned silence I think I was the first to speak up, “I greet this news with utter dismay!” Others joined in with similar sentiments which must have severely shaken the confidence of the board who tried to raise morale by suggesting that it would be up to the members to help and guide Mr. Previn in order to maintain artistic standards. They pointed out all his good points, in particular his commercial value as it seemed that there might be a lot of interest in him from recording companies and television. But with the LSO members largely unimpressed the meeting came to a demoralised end…..

.….The most serious musical calamity that we experienced under his baton was in his early days with us and happened in Columbus, Ohio. It was the initial concert of our first US tour with him and featured that wonderful old warhorse Beethoven’s 5th. During rehearsals, when Previn was completely relaxed, instinct would have helped him give just the right amount of weight to that troublesome starting beat so that there would have been no doubt in the orchestra’s mind where to begin.

As we sat there with mixed anticipation, André, determined to impress on his home soil, stood in front of us with something akin to a John Wayne swagger. Instead of the careful upbeat that is so necessary for this problematic start, we got a gesture resembling the quick-drawing of two six-gun revolvers, as his arms rushed from his hips to mid air with great impact. Astonished at this unexpected violence of movement, the orchestra had to make an instant decision as to whether this was an upbeat or the downbeat. And so it did! Unfortunately, it was a split decision – about 50-50, I’d say – with my side of the orchestra opting for it as an upbeat and deciding to wait a further beat before playing. You can therefore imagine how astonished and shattered we were to hear our colleagues opposite start up immediately! Despite the shock of hearing the piece start without us, we were so committed to our own version of the events that we felt compelled to stand by our judgment, and so made as forceful an entrance as possible, but one bar later than them!

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