Amanda Holden Ex-Husband: Les Dennis Net Worth, Wife, Age, Family Fortunes

Les Dennise is an English comedian, actor and television presenter. He is the first husband of popular Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden. They were married from 1995 to 2003.

Les Dennis net worth

How much is Les Dennis worth? Is Les Dennis a millionaire? Les Dennis is worth quite a lot of millions. According to, Les Dennis has an estimated net worth of around $75 million.

Les Dennis wife

Is Les Dennis currently married? Who is Les Dennis‘ current wife? Les Dennis is currently married to a woman called Claire Nicholson. They have been married since 2009.

Les Dennis age

How old is Les Dennis? Les Dennis is 68 years old; born on 12th October 1953.

Les Dennis Family Fortunes

How long was Les Dennis the presenter of Family Fortunes? Was Family Fortunes a good show when Les Dennis was the host? Les Dennis presented Family Fortunes for 15 years; from 1987 to 2002. The show has a 78% ratings on google.

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