Alex Lee

Facts of Alex Lee

Full Name Alex Lee
First Name Alex
Last Name Lee
Profession celebrity ex-boyfriend
Nationality Australian
Birth Country Australia
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Relation With Liz Cambage
Education Sydney University

Alex Lee is a football player who came to the limelight after being linked with an Australian professional basketball player, Liz Cambage. 

Relationship Status

He seems to be single as of 2020. He was previously rumored to be dating Liz. 

The rumors came out to be right after his former girlfriend revealed the details of their separation to Daily Mail Australia in 2014.

The romantic affair between the couple was an on and off relationship.

In an interview with Daily Mail, she mentioned that she didn’t have a love partner anymore.

They were together for three years. Sadly, the love birds could not make it forever.

Thoughts on Marriage

As a teenager, Lizimagined that she would be married in her early 20s. 

She also thought that she would be a mother to a child. 

She was just a teenager then when she thought of all these things. 

As of now, she is living a happy life with her friends and family. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship any soon. 

First Step towards Basketball Court

She was only 10 when she first stepped onto a basketball court. 

Her mother said that watching her was like watching a baby elephant running up and down the court. 

After her mother read an ad for a girl’s basketball team in the local paper, she was taken to a basketball court. 

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Initially, she was not happy with her mother’s decision as she loved sleeping on Sunday mornings.

However, as time passed by, she was glad to be a basketball player.

The team of dedicated coaches was one of the primary reasons behind it. She was quick at making friends. 

Suffered Mental Health in the Past

One of the best basketball players has battled mental health problems in the past.

It all started with anxiety that led to depression. 

In 2016, she was put on a suicide watch. 

She was so depressed that she called up her mother and told her that she didn’t want to live anymore.

The reasons were many behind her breakdown. 

The split with her boyfriend of three years, no proper medication, and her grandmother’s hospitalization were the main reasons.

She completely lost it after a panic attack on August 1, 2019. She will stay on medication until the next Olympics. 

The Bold Photoshoot

She did a photoshoot last year for Stellar magazine. She looked bold and beautiful in the pictures.

She looked fierce in one of the pictures with a dark color t-shirt and animal print mini skirt. 

She accessorized herself with a bracelet on her left hand. A tattoo on her right hand was visible. 

Here is the picture. 

In another picture, she is seen in a bold look. She is wearing a dark color mini dress and a coat over it.

In this picture, her other tattoo is also visible. 

Net Worth

Liz is estimated to have a massive net worth of $1 million, which she has accumulated through her basketball playing career.

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How did she make it?

The primary source of earning is her income as a player. 

Below is a list of few basketball players and their respective net worth.

Age and Height

Liz’s current age is 29 years.She stands at the height of 2.03 m.

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