Abigail McGuire

Abigail McGuire is an actress. She is known for her work in the Mother Goose Club. 

Name Abigail McGuire
Gender Female
Profession Actress

Abigail is known to play the character of Mary Quite Contrary in the family tv series Mother Goose Club. Mother Goose Club first aired on television in the year 2009. She worked from 2008 to 2012 as Mary Quite Contrary character in Mother Goose Club. 

McGuire was also seen performing in the Galactic Blast Music Video DVD in the year 2010. 

10 Facts on Abigail McGuire 

Abigail McGuire’s age is not known. We do not have information on her birthday details. She may be in her late teens or in the early twenties now. The height of Abigail seems to be average. Her actual detailed measurements on height and weight are unknown. The actress’s net worth is not provided. She may have some amounts from her works but she has not disclosed the income amounts. We could not find information related to her boyfriend or relationship facts. She may be dating and have a boyfriend. But she has yet to reveal her relationship status. McGuire’s family’s details are unavailable. Nor has her IMDb page provided information on her parents and family members. Her education details are not known. She may have trained herself in acting. McGuire first took part in acting from the series Mother Goose Club. She debuted in the year 2008 and was selected from her first audition. Abigail is known as Mary Quite Contrary from Mother Goose Club which aired from 2009 on television and youtube. Additionally, she is also seen performing in the music video in 2010. She has performed at Galactic Blast Music Video DVD (2010).We have not yet found her Instagram or Twitter account. Maybe she is not quite active on social media applications such as Facebook. 

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