A Deeper Look Into Grace Miguel’s Marriage & Divorce From Usher and All About Her Daughters

In his heydays, American singer Usher was easily one of the most admired men in the world. His vocals and dance skills drove ladies nuts. His chocolate looks, and sexy physique, made many wish to be his wife. However, the lady that eventually snapped him up was none other than music industry executive/philanthropist, Grace Miguel.

Until their divorce, Miguel and Usher’s relationship, though not without its adversities, seemed like one headed for forever.

Grace Miguel was a Business Rival when She met Usher

She was a marketing executive for Island Def Jam Records when she met Usher, who worked with their rival, Jive. The two somehow worked together, and a romantic relationship blossomed from there in 2009.

At that time, the singer was coming out of a heated divorce with his former wife, Tameka Foster, and Miguel provided him with much-needed loving arms. Understandably, they kept their relationship under wraps in the meantime.

Miguel also contributed a great deal to the singer’s career as his manager. She expertly oversaw the business side of things while he had the opportunity to focus on the creative process. The couple dated for six years until September 2015 when they eloped to Cuba, months after Usher proposed in January.

A Cheating Scandal Blew a Hole in Their Relationship

The pair seemed to be enjoying a blissful union until their marriage started sailing turbulent waters. It turns out that Usher might have been unfaithful while they were together, as some people accused him of infecting them with the herpes virus at that time.

There were allegations that Usher paid them off to avoid public lawsuits. If that is true, he wasn’t successful as he still found himself in the center of a $20 million lawsuit. Miguel and Usher maintained a united front throughout the scandal since it first came to light in 2017.

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Unfortunately, even though the suit got dropped, it seems their marriage didn’t fully recover from it. Usher and Miguel eventually decided to call it time on their marriage in March 2018, and the former formally filed for a divorce nine months after their amicable separation.

Infidelity and Quest for a Child Snowballed into Their Divorce

Although the couple put up a united front to announce their separation and went as far as to say they remained loving friends, the image was further from the truth.

Following their statement, sources revealed to The Jasmine Brand that their relationship had been in a negative space over the previous year. The couple supposedly fought a lot, with Miguel’s desire for a child a major bone of contention. While Usher was not opposed to having children, the couple disagreed over their preferred option.

Being that Grace Miguel was around 48 years old at the time, natural birth had been out of the equation. She, however, wanted to have a baby through a surrogate, but the Yeah! singer said no, opting instead for adoption.

Then came the herpes scandal, and it reportedly only made things worse between them until they couldn’t bear it anymore and made a joint decision to separate.

Interestingly, another scandal rocked the internet weeks before the couple issued their statement. The singer’s ex-girlfriend TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas retweeted a picture from their time together. It started as a reaction to a fan’s trip down memory lane and later got blown out of proportion.

However, whether or not Chilli’s reaction to the post had a role in Miguel and Usher’s final decision to split, remains unknown.

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Miguel’s Daughter is also an Artiste

Grace Miguel’s marriage to Usher did not produce any kids. However, she has two grown children, a son named Raiden, and daughter, Leaf, from a previous relationship with a man named Rene McLean. Leaf, full name – Mikala Leaf McLean, is a rapper born in 1995. She is signed to Fool’s Gold Records and has an EP titled MagnetBitch, released in 2015 to her name.

She also has a full-length album, Trinity, and has collaborated with other musicians such as Lil Yachty. Leaf is renowned for her feminism and uses her music to preach female empowerment. She is one to watch out for in the music industry. Billboard Magazine has covered her music, and she has also done ads for Calvin Klein.

Raiden, on the other hand, is a talented contemporary artist. Born Raiden Wolf McLean in December 1997, he leads a quieter life compared to his artist sister. Besides being the father of her children, we don’t know much else regarding Grace Miguel’s relationship with Rene McLean.

Grace Miguel Wears Several Career Hats 

Grace Miguel was born on April 3, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York. Her given name is Michelle Grace Harry, and her single mom mostly raised her. Miguel spent her formative years in the state of New York. Even though there are no details about her educational qualifications, it is quite obvious that she is highly educated, given her accomplishments and intelligence.

When it comes to her career, Grace Miguel is one lady who wears several hats. She is a chef, entrepreneur, and a music industry executive. Miguel started in the catering industry, where she worked for several companies.

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Afterward, she branched out on her own and opened a successful catering company. Her company made inroads into the entertainment industry, and their biggest gig came when they became the executive chef on the popular Bill Cosby Show.

Apart from catering, Grace Miguel is also involved in the music business. She has worked at various record labels, including Island Def Jam Records, where she rose to the position of executive vice president of marketing/creative services.

If there is one thing that Miguel is renowned for, it is her passion for philanthropy and helping the less-privileged in society. She inherited this love from her mom, who instilled in her a kind and selfless spirit. She has been involved with several initiatives, including Usher’s New Look.

Usher’s New Look is an organization that aims to give disconnected young people a new perspective on life through education and real-life experience. The organization targets students in the 8th grade and mentors them throughout high school and even college.

Grace Miguel has Quietly Retreated from the Spotlight

Ever since she split with the pop star, Miguel has kept intimate details of her life away from the public’s prying eyes. It appears she decided to make a career out of her affinity for improving lives following the divorce and became a life coach.

She also remains a philanthropist and a creative director, although her IMDB profile says she is focusing on the former. As things stand, it is hard to tell much regarding her current love life. There has been no indication either on her social media page or elsewhere that she is currently seeing anyone.

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